We have a small breeding of Dogue de Bordeaux &
Mastino Napoletano

Our aim is to breed typical, mentaly stabile and healthy Dogue de Bordeaux and Mastino Napoletano.
We do not support so called matadorbreeding, therefore our dogs is not overused in breeding
Our dogs will be sparely used in breeding
We work to keep the inbreed as low as possible
Those of you who choose to buy a puppy from us will get a close contact with an committed breeder
We wish to keep contact with all buyers, both from Indi’s and Clinton’s puppies to be able to follow up our breeding
After 18-24 months all our buyers will get an inquiry to fill out, which will be sent back to us. This inquiry will stay with us and will only be used to evaluate our breeding

We want our buyers to feel satisfied and safe with us as breeders. When you contact us, we know who you are
Our dogs eat the dogfood Priima and food for the first period of time will be supplied
Every puppie gets his/hers own carepackade including:
CD with pictures from the first time
A blanket with the familiar scent of the puppies mother
A binder containing info about the breed, health and some pictures
SKK’s puppiepackage
Beside this a extra present will follow

Our biggest aim is to ensure we find good buyers so that we know that our offsprings get a safe upbringing

We will arrange meetings so that you can see how the siblings grow up and develops

We follow the regulations of SKK

-The Pupps are delivered from the week

– Wurm treated and vaccinated

Chip marked and healtproof from vetrinary

Registrated in SKK

Highdemands is put on our customers and You can expect the best from us. We are availble 24/7 for questions from our customers.

A visit at least once before purchase is a demand and we expect that You follow the SKK regulation that ”dogs should not be left alone more than 4 hours /day”

We want our customers to performe a x-ray at 18 months

Exhibition interst is positive but no demand